Tuesday, March 3, 2009

any commercial properties 2b let go?

hi all..I've come up on 1blog of selling or renting properties..sape2 yg ada kenalan or sndiri ada harta or any property utk di jual di sewa kan dan sebagai nya, you can visit this blog wealth creatives. Blogger ni owns a legal firm that conduct corporate consultation on sale & purchase of property..meaning dat yg firm nilh yg akan uruskan segala urusan tentang jual beli hartanah..or any properties such as shop lots n etc..so sape2 yg ada properties utk dijual or sharing ngn others, you can visit the blog.. ak pn xbapa phm sgt the flow of sale n purchase commercial properties nh..so check out sndiri lh k..btw, blog ni still dlm construction but can be view..its still freshie..hrap para commercial people dpt komen lebih lanjut on the said above in dat blog k..thanxs..

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