Tuesday, April 12, 2011


trying to fulfill everything..but someday n somehow we can't be perfect in order to fulfill everyone's dreams..so these were the schedules for d month..hopefully everything's goes well...

On the 5th :
Attended Meeting AJK Website (tambahan keja have to check the error codes).


On the 8th, Attended last day Kursus TM06/11 Adobe Photoshop (discuss about counselor n meet old friend Echah). Balik kg fetch up Tok Opah weekend nh n proceed to Penang.  Dh lama xsabar gile nk gomol2 knk2 rebina d selim n d debab gals tuh..miss u gals so much3..

c debab n c selim gals..

kakak yg huhahuha wt mata hantu..haha

comot lh debab..hihi
On 18th xtau lg nk apply cuti or x..sigh..19th dh kena g survey location tempat interview. for 20th. Bukan leh harap sgt GPS nh..huhu..On the next evening lps interview terus ke Kenyir xtau jgk lg cmana..harap2 ada lh driver yg sudi membantu..nk back out dh last minit group discussion xda org lk nti..d next whole week kna prepare utk bengkel CBT on th 28th..hoho..hanim, help me dear..catering x survey lg nh..aduss..

n not 2b forget, durian runtuh adalah on d 25th...hehehe...itu je yg boleh wt daku tersenyum~

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